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Monday, June 18, 2018

[VG Music] Abbie Manuel ft Edache Daniels - Love Found Me

Singer, songwriter *#Abbie_Manuel* is rightly regarded as one of the most inspiring & original talents of today's contemporary gospel hip hop, Following the  release of *Ominipresence* in 2016 which features a big praised Gospel rapper *M.g.p* , which established her as a headline talent in her own right.
The natural born performer *#Abbie_Manuel* shines a light on the dear scenery of female urban gospel hip hop where she reveals what's kept her of & on the page of fame.
*#LoveFoundMe* is not just a song but a confession which I could have made 100 me but the *#LegendaryEdacheDaniels* Is a force iressitable when it come to bringing the #GodWave in a song.
*#LoveFoundMe* is not just a song but a confession we all need to sing along from (afro trap to pop & rap & reggae)


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