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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

I Was Born On The 31st Day Of.... - SkieMusic Reveals Shocking News About Birth[INTERVIEW]

Hey there, its Papavica here for VoegistMEDIA and you know how we do it, Fresh and Clean as always!
On today’s edition of FEATURED we have a guest artist in the house, who goes by the name of SKIEMUSIC!!

Papavica:-Ma Man, What’s up bro?
Skie:- Am good bro…
Papavica:-First of all, I want say its good to have you on VoegistMEDIA, and great single you put out men”CHILLING”. So we would like to know your real name? Because definitely it’s not SKIEMUSIC [laughs]
Skie:-“SKIE” is an abbreviation of all my names Samson Kegh Iorsase Emmanuel
Papavica:-Ok that’s definitely Nigerian, so from what part?
Skie:-Benue state, Tiv to be precise.
Papavica:-Alright all the ladies in the house please blindfold yourselves for this one, Skie what year were you born?
Skie:-Lols... i was born on the 31st day of december
Papavica:-Ok,you will not tell us the year ba? OK na its alright.... But about your MUSIC, what kind of music do you do
Skie:-I do christian hip hop (C.H.H)
Papavica:-What propelled you to do this kind of music?
Skie:-Okay basically, my love for God and for the gospel was what actually propelled me into it, and hip hop is my own medium for reach out.

Papavica:- You know we at Voegist always get the latest news, we have been hearing background chatters (noises) about an upcoming album, how true is that?
Skie:-Okay REMEMBER the album, thats actually a compilation of all my songs over the years and its major aim is to bring fresh to our memory what the death, burial and resurrection of christ has done for us.
Papavica:-Wow! , REMEMBER. What’s behind the name?
Skie:- Alright , like i said Remember the album is targetted towards reminding us of the benefits of the cross in our lives, and it was gotten from the scripture psalm 103:2
Papavica:-That’s nice so are we having a launch?
Skie:-Yeah sure
Papavica:-Wicked!!, that’s a big one, so tell us the details of the launch and what to expect on that day, cos believe me it’s been long I attended an album launch…it’s been like ages
Skie:-The launch is scheduled for 12th August, 2018 @House of mercy auditorium North Bank. by 3:30 pm

Papavica:-I hope CHILLING is going to be part of the album?
Papavica:-OK I know that expression, trying to put us on suspense right?’s alright.
Skie:-yeah true...
Papavica:-Alright we have come to the V.P.Q [Voe Personal Quiz] segment….Skie are you ready?
Skie:- Lols... Alright let's do this
Papavica:-this is really funny but here it comes….What was the name of the person beside your Mom at the moment you were born?!
Skie:- hahahaha... na me nau
Papavica:-I agree, thank you very much SKIEMUSIC for chatting with us on this episode of FEATURED, GOD bless you man.
Skie:-yeah... thanks alot for the time, hope to see u around on that day
Papavica:-Sure bro!! won’t miss it for anything. Here we have it guys REMEMBER the album going down live on the 12th of august,2018 at………………..correct yeah?
Skie:-yeah... @ House of mercy Auditorium North Bank

Papavica:-we are closing the curtains right now guys!!! Don’t forget to drop in once in a while to get the latest entertainment gist!!!!

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Facebook-@Samson Iorsase

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