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Monday, July 30, 2018

[VG Project] Jered Sanders - Hurry Up and Wait


New album from God Over Money artist Jered Sander's 14-track album titled Hurry Up and Wait. He features artists like Bizzle,  Phil J., Joey Vantes and many more.

1. Prelude
2. All Year / Daddy Duties III
3. Go Outside (feat. J. Carter)
4. I'll Wait (feat. Kayla Starks)
5. Different (feat. Beleaf, Eris Ford & Mission)
6. Eyes (feat. Bizzle & Breana Marin)
7. Long Way to Go
8. Fear of Flying
9. Fear of Falling (feat. Phil J.)
10. Rain on Me
11. Get Money
12. Strangers (feat. Sean C. Johnson)
13. Faithful (feat. Joey Vantes)
14. Hurry up & Wait / Mitchell & Blessed III (feat. JG)

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