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Thursday, August 30, 2018

10 Christian HipHop Albums You Should Own In 2018 | Benue |

10 Christian Hip-Hop Albums You Should Own In 2018

The world of Hip-hop has evolved over the years in most part of the world and in Africa as a region. In Africa,the Nigeria Music Industry is one of the fastest growing Industry, with artiste rising from the grassroots everyday, struggling with their distinct style to be heard at the mainstream level with the most popular afro- style Nigerian type of music. Though the populous Afro Music has changed the game of Nigerian Music, putting it on the Map with the music of the likes of Davido also known as OBO and Wizkid popular known as star boy.Thereare some artiste in Nigeria who have made their mark in the Hip-Hop genres of music not only spitting words but spirit filled words (i.e. gospel rap aka Christian hip-hop). 

Gospel rap is quite new to the Christian body in Nigeria.Most churches dont permit its practice as a way of worship or ministrations in their cathedrals. On the contrary the Christian hip-hop industry in Benue state, Nigeria is doing quite fine, as an observer and listener of gospel rap from this region of the world, I have picked out some of the exceptionalities in this city so far, and from my observation of music I can say its a train moving to the right destination. So I have made a review of 10 Christian hip-hop albums you should own from BENUE! 

The number one on my list has to be no other than the legendary album 'Before Now' by the lyrical king Limoblaze.

1.      Before Now by @Limoblaze

Released on the 20th of July 2018, is an 18 tracks project by Limoblaze. Samuel .O. Imo Jnr has this album packed with all the attributes of good music, the good vibe, great mix down, dope beats and above all great content. Before Now features artists such as Courtney Antipas of Zimbabwe, Dee black of USA and UK based Nigerian rapper Seun Otukpe popularly known as S.O. the project also has great songs like Number 1, Another man, and Africa got bars to mention a few.

Download Before Now By Limoblaze HERE

The second album on my most wanted list, jamming its way to the gospel musical limelight is no other than'The Living Legend'By the rapper who never runs out of lyrical bullets Mgp.

2.      The Living Legend By @MGP (Machine Gun Preacher)

Born Moses Adole, MGP has a lot of studio projects to his credit but we at Voegist feel the living legend was the bomb! I mean if you havent listened to the songs on this project then, you are currently behind the wave of good music and need to catch up really fast. The Living Legend by Mgp was released sometimes in June 2017 but still rocking the air waves. It has this fuse of hardcore wavy Hip-Hop and afro-pop sounds in the mix that soothes the soul and simultaneously hits you with that good music straight to your bones. (LolI did rhyme there though.). With great tracks like Your Lane, Living Legend, Jabulani (ft Kole Williams) and Work (ft Phontera and Limoblaze)

Download The Living Legend By MGP HERE

Also check out COMEBACKCOVERS By MGP 2018 HERE

Now on number three, hotter than ever this artist has done a great job, took his music to another level. Number three is no other than the album 'Child Of Passover' by Spillz that has got even secular rappers loving his vibe.

3.      Child Of Passover By @Spillz

Child Of Passover has been a must have studio project by Pascal Ochai (Spillz), since it was released in April, 2017. It features dope artistes like El-Sammy, Leach, Austine Ikpe, MGP, Limoblaze and Oase. In its versatility, it has one of Benues finest reggae artiste in it to put together a fusion of reggae and Hip-Hop, To be a blessing to the body of Christ. Pascal Ochai is also working on a project yet to be released (at the time of this write up) on the 2nd of September 2018.

Download Child Of Passover HERE

On number four, an artist's album with a difference 'Somewhere In Life by an icon of Benue youths, Edache Daniels.

4.      Somewhere In Life By @Edache Daniels

Creativity is one thing God has blessed Benue Youths with and it is in high circulation. And music is one of such areas they are gifted in. Edache Daniels, like other Benue born maestros blessed us recently with this great project. Unlike his debut album (Ancient Stones) where he focused on Ancient knowledge, rhythm & poetry, stories untold & messages from heaven to the heart of men. Somewhere in Life by Edache Daniels is an expression of a more in-depth picture of spiritual growth, maturity and experiences in the Christian dome. Its a must have!

Download Somewhere In Life By Edache Daniels HERE

On my number five, the list is not complete without the most downloaded talked about album 'Blood Bank' by Lilmizzy the king of word play.

5.      Blood Bank by @Lilmizzy

BB no be blackberry, BB no be bread and butter. Stay connected to the Holy Ghost like the blood bank   - Blood Bank (intro Track 1)

Following the release of Grace Talk Ep on the 6th of April 2017,Bigdaddy Records recently singed record label artist : Lilmizzy, thrilled Benue folks the following year with the release of another project titled BLOOD BANK on the 18th of February 2018.
Believe me when I say this album is packed, it has the flavor of artiste like Rhymsta Ray, Echow Clay, Bethel, OliveStill trending song are Partner, Mama and Testify. In the light of unreleased projects, Lilmizzy also has an Ep on the way titled APPERTIZER scheduled to be released on the 1st of October. Our fingers are crossed.

Download BloodBank By Lilmizzy HERE

On number six, is a poetic album with a symbolic title deserving all the praise it is receiving from its fans, 'Race Of Eternity' By Drakare abaa.

6.      Race Of Eternity By @Drakare Abaa

The 19 tracker album project is nothing short of a master piece, with an expression of life and hiphop written all over the sounds of these songs. A flicker of hope is seen even from the art work of the album art. Drakare featured artiste like Ez102, Limoblaze, Phontera, Edache Daniels, Day3, Esmo, MGP, Kezman, Daboomsha, Jeremy and a lot more. Its a project listened to with the spirit alone!

Download Race Of Eternity By Drakare Abaa HERE

Number seven,is an album 'Hall of Grace' by Rehmahz, pre-loaded and gives you that collection of classic songs on a good weather day and let's you connect with your soul.

7.      Hall Of Grace By @Rehmahz

Rapper and producer Marvel Onah Ahi popularly known as rehmahz did put His name in the Hall of fame as he released HOG online on the 25th of Nov, 2017I envy the Rap skills of this individual as He still keeps it real in the Hip-Hop scene in Benue till date. The 12 tracked project is graced with the likes of Oase(Benue), Oluwatomi(Lagos), Dj Rex(Lagos) and a lot more.

Download Hall Of Grace By Rehmahz HERE

Number eight undeniable album, a gold mine of music,with a controversial title adopted by the artist 'Remember De Album' by Skie. It got everybody asking questions about its content.

8.      Remember De Album By @Skie

Skie Iorsase is an household name in this platform and you should be conversant with the name by now. If not click HERE, Why this project is on this list is because of its content and nothing more. With the 3 songs released online so far it had proven to be a contender among other grossing projects in the last few years. To get the CD/ hard copy of this albm please contact @Skie iorsase on facebook for yours now.

Download 3 Tracks Off Remember De Album HERE

On number nine is Bad The Chronicles By Madskill Jeremy. He is the definition of a talented young Rapper, who has learned to tell his story in his songs.

9.      BAD The Chronicles By @Madskill Jeremy

Born into an Etulo family, Jeremy Asikai Ngbede is a rapper and graphics designer, who sometimes portray the attitude of a Igbo indigenous rapper. He released BAD (Born Again Dude) on the 20th of August, 2017 and it was the talk of the town at that moment, even until the latter part of the year. Awesome tracks like Show Off, 16 Barz aint enough, Remember Me were also part of the project.
Madskill also has an already released Ep project titled WIDS (When I Dont Sleep) for listening pleasure.

Download WIDS By Madskill Jeremy HERE

And the list is never complete if we are all mad about music and don't get an 'Emotional Threrapy' from Kezman's album.

10.  Emotional Therapy By @Kezman

Benue State Rapper, Kezman Kensaro Ofoni Emmanuel describes the songs on the Emotional Therapy Project as drug prescribed by the great physician. ET appears to be real life situations described into musical lyrics for your listening pleasure. Songs in this album give remedies to troubling and stormy situations in life. Tracks like God Is Good, No Be Today, Winning, Family Shackles etc.  

Download Emotional Therapy By Kezman HERE

DISCLAIMER: Projects above might not necessarily have been released in 2018 but are here due to the fact that, they are still blessing the body of Christ till date. Albums considered here are released within the span of 2015-till date.

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