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Friday, September 21, 2018

[VG Music] Download Aaron Cole - Mama Said mp3


Produced by Juice Bangers and Dirty Rice for COBRA.
Mixed by Jonny Grande. Mastered by Bob Boyd for Ambient Digital.


Sometimes I be wishing I could take it back to when days were simple Where all I had to worry bout was school and if I had a pimple
Now everyone looking up to me like I'm God
And I'm tryna be the man but I can't put up no facade
It's a sacrifice out here leading
Tryna patch people's wounds when yourself still bleeding
When everything falls down I wonder who see us
Boom boom pow like onomatopoeia
Onomatopoeia I been on my Job
Scary thing I been feeling like Tom
Lord is my shepherd I been reading in Psalms
Need to feel God in my feet and my palms
I feel like I'm over protective because I'm scared of getting hurt
Cause It's like time and time again the hurt is getting worse I feel I'm cursed Cause people lied to me so much I can't relax
Everytime I'm tryna level up the devil on my back
We been down before yeah I know
It ain’t nothing like I been through before
We gon’ make it out believe me
Cause He ain't brought me this far just to leave me That's what Mama said
Satan bringing up my past when my past is my past
I can't let my story bring me down He brought me through that
But what's done in the dark comes to the light I promise that is the realest He pull grace from a Big Ben like he rocking with the Steelers
On top of that my homeboy passed last week
Long live 22 that's how fast life be
Then I step out to a show and get a call from my sis
She said a dude hung himself in school he only in the sixth
It's my job to bring this hope
It's my job to walk this rope
it's my job to always stay low
It's my job to save these souls
So I can't give up now
Mary Mary it's a sound
Praise for life like I'm Claude
Be still and know that He God


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