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Saturday, September 8, 2018

READ ARTICLE : In The Name Of Jesus By Livingstone Nwabulo

                    IN THE NAME OF JESUS!
While Jesus was on earth he was doing miracles in the name of the Father (God)..john 10:25. Though while he was still on earth record had it that they were casting out demon in his name( predestined authority)...Mark 9:37-39.
So marvel not at that because he even forgave sins before he died on the cross according to Matthew 9:2-6.
 So after that he ascended A NAME WAS GIVEN AMONG MEN BY WHICH WE CAN BE SAVED,   and   ALL POWERS IN HEAVEN, ON EARTH AND BENEATH THE EARTH HAS BEEN GIVEN UNTO HIM, THAT AT THE NAME OF JESUS EVERY KNEEL SHALL BOW AND TONGUES CONFESS THAT HE IS LORD...Acts 4:13, philippians 2:10. By these it means that whatever form of power there be that ever exists, has a source and custodian CHRIST, be it majical or divine, living or non-living, physical or spiritual beings, everything is subdued under the person “CHRIST”. Furthermore there’s a call for the human race to believe in this person and by means of believing, attain same height and position as this person “CHRIST” and operate in his dimension according to philippians 2:10 (at the name of Jesus).

So two conditions are involved here;  
  1:   For you to be saved, you must believe in the Name of Jesus the Christ in accordance to his birth, crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection and ascension according to 1corinthians 15:1-4.

2:   You can do wonders in the name and yet you are not saved (lacking salvation), ask the seven sons of Sceva in Acts 19:14-15, and as so many other merchandisers of the Gospel we have today.

But the actual meaning of "in/at the name of Jesus" is a PREPOSITION, the speaker has a knowing that he or she is in Christ not just by mentioning  the name "Jesus" when you feel frightened, which is likely the order of the day amongst the users. So 2corinth 5:17 gives you an understanding of who's right you're exercising (either your right in Christ or the former manifesting by default the power in the name just like the sons of Sceva).
     Repeatedly the scriptures points us towards the person of Christ and who you get to be in Christ “ye are complete in him which is the head of all principalities and power” Colossians 2:10, So the person “Christ” is a complete entity, and you in him makes you complete “not lacking any”, by just believing in the person of Christ you attain this height not by works but by grace. The phrase “In the name of Jesus Christ” like we earlier established is a place, and who ever is in/at that place from the above exposition of Colossians 2:10, is by default above principalities and powers, so when you decree things they happen because you are in Christ.
Now Christ is complete and above everything because he is the first born from the Last, and through him was everything that exists made. Now God is Love and principled “his gifts and calling are without repentance, Romans 11:29” if the name Christ has all power, then calling on him by an unbelievers and results sprang up doesn’t mean he/she is in Christ.
    So we can establish that the power is not because you mentioned the name at that moment, cuzz most times we get saved from what was supposed to happen to us unaware, why? Because we are in/at (a place/position) the name JESUS CHRIST. So who mentioned it at that moment? Nobody right. The believer in Christ works as a constant “at the name of Jesus”, what I mean is, there’s never a moment in time you are not at the name of Christ, from the first time you stepped into the name, you forever remain in him.
    Somebody once said there’s one way into God (I am the way, the truth and the life, no man commeth unto the father , but by me. John 14:6) and no way out. And I relate that as complete truth seeing “ he who is able to keep you from falling and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy… JUDE 1:24”. So the fact that the righteous man falls (sin)  doesn’t mean he’s a sinner because he surely will rise again, to what do we point to agree?, that if you ever in/at in the name of Jesus Christ , you are forever in the name, nothing can take you out of the name..Romans 8:35.
Our faith and effectiveness of power in this name is not based on loudness while pronouncing it or emotional state of mind at that point in time, rather on the basis of the fact that we first believed that he has forgiven our sins and has sealed us with the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 1:13), so satisfying this gives and guarantees our access to the inheritance(Jesus Christ) at all point in time without any bargain or sort. We are as powerful as Christ is and by so we can call things to be as if they were and there’s room to do more just as Christ pointed out to us “greater works than these shall he do. John 14:12”.
So CHRIST IS A PERSON, PLACE, PLATFORM E.T.C. same way the seal of a King speaks in his absence is thesame way the Name speaks, but we been made kings and queens Chosen and priests 1peter 2:9, we don't just carry the kings seal we are made custodians and partakers of co-inheritance.... FOR GOD AND CHIRST HIS SON IS OUR INHERITANCE.

Livingstone Kelechi Nwabulo is a Gospel artiste and Bible Scholar who preaches the good news of Christ to the World and his society at large. He is a student of the University Of Agriculture, Makurdi. He also affiliates with unorthodox organisations such as YWAP(youth with a purpose), whose main aim is bringing youths of our generation closer to the love of mention a few.

 Connect with Livingstone on Instagram HERE
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  1. Livingston you are going places sir

  2. Fellow Engineer and brother in Christ the sky is your starting point. Weldone.

  3. Fellow Engineer and brother in Christ the sky is your starting point. Weldone