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Saturday, September 22, 2018

[VG Project] Download Skie - RememberTheAlbum [full album]


Psalm 103:2
Bless the lord oh my soul and #ForgetNot all his benefits, I rephrase; bless the lord oh my soul and #Remember All his benefits.

#RememberTheAlbum is a compilation of 15(fifteen) spirit filled tracks written and composed by our very own #SKIE and it is targeted towards bringing fresh to our memories all the benefits that the death, burial and resurrection of Christ has brought to us as Believers and to unbelievers as well.

Remember that this Album
Is in your hands
A mile stone
To mark the finished works of Christ
In your life.

And when these finished works
Cut the skin of your pride
As it will
Do not be quick to dismiss it
For it must break you
To Build you


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