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Monday, October 15, 2018

[VG Featured] CHH Rapper Joe lee Set To Release Project - The Affirmative Sentence EP

Photo Of Joe Lee Ministering In an Event

We are proud to present a nationally known rapper, Joe lee , as he is set to drop his new EP project.
Joe Lee is a rapper, songwriter, music producer, music director and an Engineer in various fields
He has been making music since 2008, until his first hit dropped in 2010, God's people,  he decided to join G-mold records in 2009, when he sets up some major hits that boosted his music career.
He has one EP album to his name (PARADIGM SHIFT) and he is yet release an album(The sycamore tree), with his love and passion for God, Joe Lee has been leading his generation in the ways of The Lord.
In October 27th 2018,
Joe Lee will premiere his second Extended play album titled the Affirmative sentence EP.
Official Cover Art For #The Affirmative Sentence

The project which he said is a package of truth and melody. Has him speaking about his faith in Christ according to the word of God and about The mighty nature of God, reflecting to how much God loves his children. This 8 track project, soon to be out 27th October 2018 is sure to leave you wanting to seek God more, not only for His soverignty but also for Jesus and the part He played in your salvation.
Below is the track list of the project.
Official Track List Art For #The Affirmative Sentence

For more inquiry steady check-in
Joe Lee is also open to online interview concerning this project.
Contact on WhatsApp:09035437759.

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