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Tuesday, January 1, 2019



Depression in Nigeria


Depression is one of the major causes of suicide, death and a whole lot of negative societal vices. In Nigeria today, it is known that the major cause of depression mostly among the youths today is unemployment, of which the Federal Government is trying their possible best to advert, but seeming abortive.
   Mental Health has increasingly become an issue in this 21st Century Nigeria that we live in. We hear of people jumping into lagoons in Lagos, students committing suicide in various Nigerian Universities. Here are 5 major cause of depression in Nigeria.


This can be said to be the major cause of depression in Nigeria for most tertiary school graduates. Take an example of a graduate from the University Of Ibadan, who has just bagged a bachelor’s degree in Physics with a second class upper (2.1). Waiting to receive an interview call from any of the 20 companies he submitted his credentials to, and keeps waiting for over 5 years. Now, with this kind of result in other developed countries it is impossible to wait for 2 years or more, without a job offer from numerous establishments, why? Because other people who have relatives in higher places or the government already have their spots secured for them in such companies. What would be the state of mind of the person who applied for over 5 years without getting the job?.

Unemployment as a major cause of depression in Nigeria


Poor planning as a cause of Depression in Nigeria

Why most elderly people commit suicide in Nigeria, is no mystery to me. I’ll tell you how in a second. A family of 9 including the mother, father with 7 children, all live in the nations popular housing system called “face me I face you” with the bread winner of the family collecting nothing more than 10,000 naira monthly, from a vocational job. Not forgetting he has 7 children to feed and probably pay their school fees. Imagine the pressure on the bread winner? Imagine the humiliation he has to go through every day? This leads to depression, and if no help is offered to redeem such family, the situation could go sideways.
  Now this is due to the fact that there was no proper birth planning, no adequate comparison of income per month to expenses per month. In some cases no further planning as to securing the future, because we believe in the “when we reach the bridge we will cross it” saying.


ULTRA HIGH FUTURE EXPECTATIONS as a Cause Of Depression In Nigeria

It is well not a crime to aim at the sky or solar system when it comes to pursuit of our dreams, but it can be very dangerous when those sky-high future dreams are not achieved in a period of time. Before we conclude our Primary school educations, a question like “what do you want to become when you grow up?” is inevitable. Some of us admire the big shot type of careers like doctors, engineers, lawyers and the rest. On getting to the period of your JAMB (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board) exams, you find out that the university system works contrary to your long nurtured dreams and because you would not want to sit at home for an extra year you take whatever course you are given to study, in good fate. Now that’s where the problem start, dreams incubated for years are crushed with just an admission letter, career ambitions destroyed by the fear of not wanting to stay at home for an extra year. The same scenario applies for the working, married, and political faction of the society. During the period of waiting, mental depression is to be expected.


I asked a teenager of about 17 years a question. The question was “who he looked up to at that point in his life”. His answer shocked me as I never expected the name I heard. Well, he mentioned a famous TV superstar in Nigeria who was always known for the most wrong things the society defined as bad. But I asked him why he would choose such a person, and he told me that the person was living the life most people wished for, girls, money, lots of expensive jewelries and alcohol… Now, what happens to this boy if he doesn’t be like his role model in the nearest future? He is either subject to one societal vice or the other or subjugated to depression in the long run.


Political Environment as a Cause Of Depression In Nigeria

From experience, the political environment in Nigeria is a controlling factor, to all other factors in the Nation. When the political environment is not in order, it in turn affects every sector in the country, from the economic to the society’s tranquility and even down to every small private or public establishment under its leadership. Any decision made by the governing power is final, of course with the guidance of the constitution and members of the legislature. But does this decisions favour every one? Certainly not! Some persons in certain political parties can be oppressed by the decisions of the other and vice-versa with ripple effects reaching their followers and supporters. With a thinking that you can’t achieve anything in a society that considers you politically inferior to any other faction, is enough reason for an individual to be depressed despite their fighting spirit or “we no go gree” attitude.

-          Relationship problems
-          Peer Pressure
-          Drug Abuse
-          Educational Issues
-          Sexual Harassment etc

Hope you understood some of the points enumerated above? Please comment below if I omitted any point or failed to explain more on any point above. Happy Interactions!!

DISCLOSURE: the above points are gotten out of personal experiences in various aspects speculated above. Examples used above are fictional and are for elaboratory purposes, therefore in no way related to figures or personalities you may know or have seen.

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