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Saturday, January 12, 2019

[VG Project] MGP - Living Legend The Album (Stream Link)


Living Legend by Afro/Rap Gospel Nigerian artist MGP is a masterpiece that can be compared to most great sounds in our time today. Born Moses Adole, MGP has well a number of great songs outside this album, but have finally hit the nail on its head when he dropped LIVING LEGEND THE ALBUM. We could say the album has a great and proportionate mixture of Afro styled music and Hiphop styled sounds as well. Released in 2017, the album has attracted much speculations outside Africa, as many fans of African Music are beginning to vibe to the waves this Nigerian artist is creating. So why not make the release international?
 Here are links to various international Music Digital Stores like Spotify,Itunes, Shazam, Google Play...below. ENJOY!!


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