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Friday, February 15, 2019

[VG Music] Download Social Club Misfits - Everytime Audio Mp3

Social Club Misfits - Everytime Audio Mp3

Social Club Misfits releases a song titled EVERYTIME. This song has a truth equaling melody kind of feel, and i think i love the facts that they are bringing diversity into one single song and producing greatness. "Everytime the Misfits are in your city, thay gon shut it down!!.." you know what this means!? I smell a Tour coming real soon.
Enjoy the sound below.

Download Everytime by Social Club Misfits below


I don’t wanna tie, I need to win it everytime
They wanna connect, bet I know the reason why
I lost a couple friends, we gon celebrate their lives
Everytime, yea, every every time
If we pop up in your city, we gon shut it down
I got to rep the squad even if I’m out of town
My circle’s extra small, yea, we don’t play around
You know how we do it
Every every time

We are not the same, there’s a disconnect
These rappers buy a chain with chains around they neck, whoa
I do it for the people who got nothing left
And if I did it for the money I would probably quit
That’s real tho
Lately I’ve been feeling insecure
I want to make the music people can’t ignore
And talking to God is feeling more like a chore
I can’t go back to the way things were before
Feel like I’m stuck here
Running out of luck here
Success equals love here
But that don’t mean too much yea
Finding peace inside of me
Self-fulfilling prophecy
Until they see the God in me

Everytime I think about my childhood, it starts up in ‘89
Nickelodeon watching Double Dare with the slime
Time was so much simpler wishing I could go back
But the future is now upon us adapt, or you could get left back
Who do we make music for, all of y’all for sure
If you’re listening to this song that means we’re ‘bout to tour
That means merch ‘bout to be so proper, rappers falling for these cheapo offers, that’s beyond me

It’s obvious we’ve been working, working‘
Bout to monkey wrench the game again on purpose
The boys are back in town, just in time for service
I wake up every morning knowing I don’t deserve this
I’m living out my dreams like I always knew
All these arenas I hope We hit Barclays soon
Or Madison Square, you know 1 call and we there, be aware everytime

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