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Friday, February 15, 2019

How to Make Money Online In Nigeria 2019 : 10 Genuine Ways


How to Make Money Online In Nigeria 2019

How to Make Money Online In Nigeria 2019

    In Nigeria, there are over a thousand spam site links that tell you crap about making money online and when you open the link it gives you some time consuming task and at the end when it’s finally time to get that money, they tell you to share their links to various platforms. In turn giving them traffic and not making a dime from the tasks even if you share.

Do you want to stop receiving links like this, and earn real money online?

If yes then, stick with me to the end of this article to find out numerous ways on how to.

    Now, there are many genuine ways to make money online on your mobile devices or computers. Most of them require you to have a particular skill while some don’t. These skills are not those that must be learned in a classroom, but can be learned on the internet as Google’s visual platform YOUTUBE has made learning easier than before.

      The problem now is how do I get to people who are in need of my skills and are willing to pay for it?

 Well, that’s why I am here. I’ll show you steps to get customers, solve their problems and get paid. It’s as easy as ABC!

Enough of the pep talk lets dive right into it!

Here are,

10 ways to start making money online in Nigeria 2019


1, Music
2, Survey
3, Online Marketing
4, Blogging
5, Freelancing
6, V-logging
7, Selling Photos
8, E-farming
9, Podcast
10, Selling Unwanted Gift Cards


There are many of you out there who are lovely singers and many others who can rap well. Or you can even produce; mix or master already recorded songs.

 Have you thought about getting a digital distribution deal? That is, getting your recorded songs on online stores like Spotify, iTunes, Tidal and the rest, for listeners to buy and listen? If you haven’t then you better do so right now. There are also numerous digital distribution platforms out there, but the issue is finding the right one.

 For folks in Nigeria I recommend using FreeMe Digital for your distribution, as they have a track record of treating customers well and have also done digital distributions for artists like Olamide, Psquare, Phyno, Davido, Wizkid and other top Nigerian artists. They also do part of the promotion of your song(s) for you, so upcoming artists do not have to worry about nobody buying their songs.

How to Make Money Online In Nigeria 2019

 Here is a tip. When you get your link from your digital distribution platform like FreeMe Digital or DIstroKid, you can head on to FACEBOOK and create a sponsored post for that link using the song art while targeting a specific number of audience, who you know would love the kind of sounds you produce.

(Have no idea about a facebook sponsored post and want to boost you fan base? Contact me HERE).


Surveys are no new talk in the internet world. But in case you do not know what surveys are let me explain. There are questionnaires basically set for an audience to get a particular evaluation or conclusion. Companies carry out surveys annually, quarterly or even monthly to know the needs of their customers. Now how do you get paid?

How to Make Money Online In Nigeria 2019

You give information about a certain product to a survey company, who in turn gives that information to the company that needs it. You get paid by the survey companies who receive money from these big companies that want the data. The information you will be asked to give are not any serious, but most times only relate to the services or goods provided by these big companies.

 Online Survey companies in Nigeria like Panel Station  and Geo Poll have paid me for surveys in the past and I still use them from time to time when I want to get some extra cash.

You can check them out to start earning your cool cash online. Also check out

3, Online Marketing

 What is Online Marketing? It is just creating a digital product and selling it online to customers who you meet online. Digital Products like eBooks, weight loss products, books, sporting gears and the rest are amongst the numerous products that can be sold online.
How to Make Money Online In Nigeria 2019
Online Marketing Advert by SkySports.

 If you have any idea or any product that can solve a particular problem out there, why not put it out there for money? But, again people to sell these products to, is always a challenge and actually convincing them to buy your product even if you get them to be interested in it.

 But do not worry, because I have you covered. One of the world’s leading Digital Marketers “Neil Patel” has a YouTube Channel that gives you a step by step guide to being a successful digital marketer. Imaging making a minimum of $100 (N36, 100) in a day! That’s a lot of money for a person sitting with a laptop or a mobile device in his/her room all day.

To get your career in digital marketing started, you can create a digital product and put them on stores like Amazon Kindle, Jumia, Konga, eBay, Olx, Jiji and get your money rolling in.

4, Blogging

Writing has since been profitable over the years. Looking back at the times where we had only news papers to give information to people, one could say that its profit could only be enjoyed by a few. Now there are a lot of platforms that we get news from online, from blogs to online news applications.

 The question now is, how do you earn from giving people needed information?

You will agree with me that the internet has over the years gotten a large amount of users (traffic) and is fast growing. Organizations around the world are now using this opportunity to get customers for patronage from the green pastures of the internet and cannot just broadcast their products to everyone on the internet by just simply staying in their offices and shouting. They Need Smaller Platforms, like blogs and various online platforms that have captured a fairly large amount of users.

Platforms like Google Adsense, Qualityads and a few more, pay bloggers for adverts being put on their blogs. The privilege isn’t limited to only the news blogger alone but is also available to entertainment, gist, gospel, motorcycle, pet, and technology bloggers alike.
How to Make Money Online In Nigeria 2019

To start a blog, there are various platforms that are available to help you like Blogger, Wordpress, Jomla and Drupal.
For tutorials on how to start or design your blog to start earning, you can contact me for enquires HERE.

5, Free Lance Jobs

If you haven’t being paying attention to any of the other ways I have talked about in this article, please pay me like N100 of your attention…lol,  because this one is a pretty exciting way to make money online.

Do you know you can be paid for almost any service online? From designing a website for a client, to something as unserious as giving advice to someone’s pet. Yes! You read right.

How to Make Money Online In Nigeria 2019

A platform called FIVERR has since been responsible for bringing providers of various services to customers who need their services and also oversee the safe payment of money to the providers of these services.

I know a friend of mine that earns a minimum of N30, 000 from FIVERR for designing logos for clients who he only met online on his laptop. What are you waiting for?! Head on to to start earning now.

6, Video Blogging (V-logging)

 In V-logging you make videos for a certain audience on a certain platform. Your audience might range from writers to teaching men fashion, and even to smart phones review etc. Similar to Blogging stated above, you are being paid for adverts placed on your content which are seen by the audiences you attract overtime.

 But in V-logging since you put out video content, then the nature of adverts that are expected to be shown on your videos are also in visual form.

How to Make Money Online In Nigeria 2019

YouTube is the leading platform for video content publishers in 2019. Other video streaming platforms like twitch, vimeo, vu clip and the rest are also available. On YouTube you can only be eligible for advert placements if you have a channel, and that channel must have had a total of 4000 watch hours (i.e total watch time for all your videos put together) with a minimum of 1000 subscribers for you to start earning.

7, Selling Photos

Are you a Photographer? Or can you take really good pictures?

How to Make Money Online In Nigeria 2019

 Then you too can make a living online in Nigeria by just selling your photos to people who want to buy. It is an opportunity to stop depending only on gigs like wedding ceremonies and birthday parties to pay your bills.

With websites like Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, Adobe Stock, Alamy, Etsy, Fotomoto, Payloadz and the rest you are assured of financial freedom, as long as you keep those pretty looking pictures rolling in.
8, E-Farming

I know you are like, “What the heck? Farming on the internet! This guy must be crazy”

But before you jump into conclusions, hear me out first. In Nigeria today, you can agree with me that the agricultural sector is fast rising and slowly overtaking the Petroleum/oil and gas sector right? So why not take the farming digital?
How to Make Money Online In Nigeria 2019
Photo Source :

 For example you are into the production of palm oil and you are also finding it difficult to sell your products in your locale. Here is an idea, why not get those palm oil bottled up nice and neat with a label on it, take a picture of the products and get it across to various online platforms in that sector (platforms that promote agricultural sales). That way you are putting out your product to a larger market size. Not necessarily the target market but who knows, you might just hit gold. It also applies to other farm produces not only palm oil.

9, Podcast

 A podcast is an audio programme produced on a regular basis, delivered over the internet in a compressed digital format such as mp3 or wav form and is designed for playback on computer or mobile phones or any digital audio player.
How to Make Money Online In Nigeria 2019

These podcasts can be given out for free downloads, but what if you sell and make profit out of it? Only that you have to make sure it has great content and is compelling to listen to. You could create a website for hosting your podcasts or as well look for hosting sites that do it for free. SoundCloud is one good example.

10, Selling Unwanted Gift Cards

Do you often receive gift cards from your favourite online services?
How to Make Money Online In Nigeria 2019

Like iTunes, Netflix, Steam and so on, then you too can sell those gift cards that you do not need today!
Sites like and Gift Card Granny enable you sell your gift cards at a price very close to its original value.

 So just imagine that you got an iTunes gift card of a $100 (N36, 100) and you sell it for close to $85(N30, 685) on, believe me that’s a very fair deal considering you got the gift card for free.


It is no news again to you that the internet is a sky, large enough for even the smallest of birds to fly and survive. Just know your way and it works easy for you. Earning on the internet is only a few clicks away, so what are you waiting for!? Go and follow these steps above to making money online even as a student with or without a degree or working experience. The choice is yours. For any Enquiry or help of any kind, leave a comment below or send me an email

All photos apart from the ones whose source are stated above, were downloaded from and all others are properties of The content of this write up is soley based on experience and postulations.


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