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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

How to Discover Your Purpose in Life


how to discover your purpose in life

After graduating from the university, what next? (For those who get the opportunity to go)

The above question runs through the minds of most adults between the ages of 20 – 35. 

Finding your purpose in life is different from getting a job and earning money.
When a person hasn’t found his/her purpose in life, it is very clear that fulfillment is actually not part of the equation, no matter how wealthy or large the amount of money earned by the person is.

Purpose in my personal view is that vacant space in a person’s heart, when he/she has not been what they set out to be.

 For instance, the people you see begging on the streets or drinking alcohol to stupor or even womanizing is because there is a vacuum in their hearts that is waiting to be filled up. If purpose is not found, the drinking and begging will still continue till the person dies.

In this article, I will show you

2 ways or mediums to discover your purpose in life.

1, Passion
2, Fate or Believe


Growing up I had always wanted to tell people stuffs they didn’t know, especially about a computer. I started operating computers at a very early age and learnt how to use VPNs when they were not very popular. It was very clear that my passion lied in ICT.

Find what you are passionate about and stick to it, make it more than just your job or a means of making ends meet. Make your passion your lover.

Pursue your passion like it’s the last thing you would love to do if you were to die tomorrow. Take courses that would make you the best at what you love doing. Make your passion a craft if you would love for it to give you money.

Is it dancing, singing, aeronautics, medicine, technology, painting, science, motivational speaking, and fashion designing, whatever it is, name it you can blossom in it.
Now, it seems like you are the only one that believes in your passion.
Situations, parents and circumstances might have a contrary opinion to what you want to do (passion), but

hey, remember this “Only you can carry out that which is your passion and can see in the nearest future where it is taking you to”.

Find part of your purpose in life and follow your passion.

Any human being that does not have a fate or believe system has clearly not found purpose.

There has to be something you believe in, there has to be someone you believe in. there have to be a set of principles you follow in life to get things done.

Some people believe in God as the ultimate and most Supreme Being in all of human existence and have followed rules set down or laid down by Him (GOD), while some believe that He doesn’t exist, that it was just the imaginations and perceptions of certain factions of the larger society that brought this phenomenal into existence.

Judging from the way I write, you could say that I believe in God. As a Christian, this has given me an in filling of complete purpose (passion coupled with my believe system), and there is no going back. Why? Because, I love the feeling it gives me.

Whichever way you like to see life in general, that’s fine. The most important aspect is that you find a believe system and hold on to it.

Passion coupled with Fate or a Believe system helps you find purpose in life, to be fulfilled and have a sense of living in life. Lack of purpose can cause a lot of harm to a person and the society in general.

 So find purpose today and make life worth the long while.

If you have any contrary or contributing view to the things mentioned in this article, you can express your views in the comment section below.

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