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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

How To Efficiently Learn Online In 2 Easy Methods

How To Efficiently Learn Online In 2 Easy Methods

     Learning over the years has transmitted from face-to-face learning down to video tutorials or blog posts, where you do not need to know or see the tutor.

Many years back, the term or phenomenon “self-taught” was barely heard of. You had to be physically in a conversation with someone for you to actually learn anything. 

But the internet has made this term popular in many aspect of endeavor, now you could hear someone say I am a self taught programmer or self taught caterer.

It is very easy to be self taught in any field you desire to be in as an individual.

Here is

how to effectively learn online in 2 easy methods




This is a method that works for few people. In this process, you watch a video online and much after you are done, then you begin taking notes or practicing what you have learnt, after you have stored them in your brain for some hours.

This is a badass method right? Yeah, this method works very well for the Albert Einstein kind of individuals, or those trying to exercise their brains.

For example if you watch a video where a mathematical process is being explained. Let’s take a mathematical method like the “Runge Kutta 4th method” in computational physics. Now, if you know this method it is very lengthy and could be a bit confusing, because it involves a lot of steps and alterations when solving it manually.

Watching this video you would need to pay attention to every step before attempting to perform any by yourself. In this process you would need to pause the video at certain points to practice the steps so far, if not you will forget most parts of the video you just watched.

Same goes for any other video tutorial or blog post you consume online that pertains to any field.


In active learning, the individual performs what is been learnt at that instance.

For example, if it is a tutorial on how to boot a PC, the person watches it and immediately performs the action as it is done in the video, no hesitation or waits for a later hour. It has to be done and done now, for it to stick if not it won’t.

This method applies to all forms of online media content, whether it is a video tutorial, blog post, info graph or even an online e-book.

Most individuals prefer this method to the passive method of learning online, as it does not require much brain power and it seems more accurate than the passive learning method.

People that use this method of learning online are mostly those in the technical and few times the educational aspect of work. 

This method of learning online can also be used for settling arguments between two parties about an event, issue, person or even place or location in the world.


There is a popular saying that states that you never stop learning until you die. Well, the internet has made learning a whole lot easy these days, other than days when materials or scrolls to gain certain knowledge about certain areas were scarce.

  Don’t just use the internet for only social media, you could start a career today and learn about anything you thought was impossible to learn about, from graphic design to engineering to computer repairs, interior decoration, digital marketing and the rest.

With these 2 easy methods of learning effectively online (Active and Passive learning), you could be a bank of knowledge within a short amount of time and not even know about it because it will be as easy as counting your fingers when asked about your area of learning.

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