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Monday, June 3, 2019

How to Start a Productive Day, 5 Ways


The way you start your day most times determine how it’s going to go, and 80% how it’s going to end eventually. 

That’s why, for most people they have troubles getting the right mindset to run their day. Because believe me it all starts up there! But no worries, in this article I will explain to you.

Do you want to start your day as productive as it can be?
Then stick around because I will show you;

5 ways you can start a productive day

  1. Waking up early in the morning
  2. Starting your day with a motivation
  3. Working out (exercise)
  4. Listening to music as your day starts
  5. Filter out bad moments
  • Waking up early in the morning

    “Early to bed, early to rise …” is an adage that has in some way proven itself to be true along the years past, even until now. The fact is that if you go to bed early, your body or mind is automatically programmed by nature to rise early within a few hours.

    Now, ever thought about the speculations you see on the internet about 5am being the best time for a person to get out of bed? Well, that so called speculation is true and has worked for me numerous times. 

Getting out of bed at about that time gives your body the ability to witness and adjust to the transition of the sun as it rises, which is then interpreted in your mind and gives you that signal of being ready for the day and what so ever it has to bring.

  • Starting your day with a motivation

     This is a very important aspect to pay attention to if you wish for a fulfilled and productive day. Personally, I like me some good motivation before I head out for the day’s work.

 Whether it is a motivational quote, some Bible verses to keep me going or even some sort of inspirational audio or video clip will do the magic.

You can hardly go wrong with some motivation.

  • Working Out (Exercise)

    Exercises go a long way in giving us the physical, mental and attitudinal alertness we all seek to kick start a productive day.

 People who run a mile or two before heading out for the days job have shown to be more agile and alert in their workplaces. 

You could hit the gym, run a distance around the block or even do a few push-ups to get you going before showering for work in the morning. Your physique can also be an ad-on to your great mind, which takes your confidence level through the roof.

  • Listening to music as your day starts

    If there is something I have found over time, it is that music has the capability of transferring emotions and vibes. 

Ever heard some rap songs and thought you were a gangster that controlled your neighborhood? Yeah I have countless times.

Or a rock song that made you feel you could play an electric guitar even when you couldn’t? I guess you have.
Why not listen to songs that get you going, songs that give you that zeal and extra juice you need? Best picks for me are sport themed, hip-hop or classical music.

  • Filter Out Bad Moments

    Bad moments, memories and incidences are not good for you, if you wish to have a productive day. 

Filtering out the bad moments while using the emotion gotten from them as motivation can go a long way in providing you with that extra motivation and doggedness you will surely need on days like that.

Don’t dwell on the event itself, but use its emotions as a driving force.

    Whichever way you mean to start your day, make sure it is productive. The 5 ways above will help you achieve the right mindset you need to start a successful and well spent day. 

For most people who already tried one of these ways and didn’t work for them, I will advice you give all a try before you give up and feel a productive day cannot be found on earth.

If you have any contributions or disagreements you can comment and we will discuss about it in the comment section below.

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