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Monday, November 4, 2019

DOWNLOAD MP3: Flixzo - Day Of Princes Ft FA

DOWNLOAD MP3: Flixzo - Day Of Princes Ft FA

Idoko 'Flixzo' Felix is a christian emcee based in Kaduna state. A graduate of Ahmadu Bello University. His biggest influence is Nas. His passion in hiphop is lyricism and instrospection,  and currently looks up to Shai Linne as his role model. He teamed up with Faithful Agent aka FA on this jam.

Day of Princes Is the first single from forthcoming album 'School of Tyrannus'. The song is a lyrical/prophetic announcement of the current season upon the body of Christ. When God is raising alot of young people with strange orders,  dimensions and rankings such as desert warriors, scribes, interpreters etc. Though so much onslaught against the church, believers should stay sensitive, holding each other up in the corperate life, while having effectual and functional knowledge of their personal positions in Kingdom advancement.

Producers: SteveRawd (Instrumental) and Lakay (Mixing and mastering)

Download and Listen to Day of Princes by Flixzo Ft F.A Below